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Combining Asset Management and Pension Consulting -  a Unique Approach


Hunter Michael Investment Advisors, Inc. (HMIA) provides Investment Management and Pension Consulting Services.

Our Clients are retirement plan Trustees, Business Owners, Corporate Executives, and Professionals.

Our Unique Approach combines our expertise in portfolio design and construction, retirement plan design and operations, and service provider review and selection.

HMIA provides private, customized investment management services.  Each portfolio is designed to fit the unique needs of the Client and their Plan.  We assist clients in defining specific investment goals and objectives that are quantifiable.

Portfolios are managed on a non-discretionary basis.  We acknowledge that we are co-fiduciaries.

We design the portfolio and implement the approach.  We report and evaluate performance.

Our investment process attempts to enhance portfolio returns while managing investment risk and expenses.

HMIA provides consulting services that assist Clients in the design and operation of their retirement plan.  We understand the legal, regulatory, and operational environment.

We assist Clients in the evaluation and selection of service providers - directed trustee, custodian, actuaries, record-keepers, and investment options for use in 401(k) Plans.

We provide information and educational assistance for plan participants to help them understand their 401(k) plan - the benefit structure, tax advantages, and how to invest their 401(k) assets.

We utilize the capabilities of a wide range of national and regional service providers to meet client needs.

  • Our clients have used custodial and trustee services of national and regional institutions such as Fidelity Investments, Capital Guardian, Charles Schwab and Wachovia.

  • Our clients have used actuarial and plan administrative services of national and regional firms such as Buck Consultants of Stamford, Diversified Actuaries of Boston, Newport Group of Charlotte, Actuarial Consulting Group of Richmond, and Vaughan & Associates of Greenville, S.C.

  • Our clients have used multi-fund trading platforms of Wachovia, Schwab, Fidelity and Mid Atlantic Financial for the 401(k) plans.

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